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ethical, local,
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Welcome to Toronto Humane Society’s Online Store. Our goal is to bring quality, ethically sourced Canadian products and goods to our clients. The profits we make from selling these items go directly back to Toronto Humane Society Programs, which are vital in helping us rescue and support animals in our care and in our

Look Good, Feel Good, Save a Life.

Toronto Humane Society is proud to offer Canadian-made, socially conscious apparel. We strive to work with domestic manufacturers and suppliers that have made a deliberate choice to support the local economy, provide a safe working environment and make quality garments that stand the test of time.

I can attest that the Pet Boutique is quick and the quality is excellent - ordered the zipped up hoodie on Monday and it arrived today and the sizing was perfect.

— Alice - Toronto

Buy less. Choose well. Make it Last

— Vivienne Westwood, Fashion Designer

Toronto Humane Society
Legacy-line products

Our Toronto Humane Society Legacy apparel carries our famous logo that first adorned our doors decades ago. This trademarked visual, that everyone knows, will soon be disappearing from most places, including our apparel. So grab your last chance to own a piece of history..... before its too late.